Blocking Made Simple:
From Passed Balls to Brick Walls

Blocking Made Simple is a 60 minute course designed to help catchers and parents of catchers understand and apply the fundamentals of blocking into their game immediately.

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What's Inside?

1. Laying the Foundation

  • Introduction to the course
  • Establish a baseline through filming yourself (Watch the transformation by the end)
  • Mindset & mental models we need to see development
  • Equipment you need & how to wear it
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2. The Fundamental Blocking Position

  • 6 ESSENTIAL checkpoints for a good block
  • 6 things to AVOID when blocking (and how to fix them)
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3. From Stance to Block

  • Become dangerous from your secondary stance
  • 3 ways to block the ball right at you
  • 3 ways to block the balls to your sides (lateral blocks)
  • How to block from a single knee stance
  • The quickest way to recover
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4. Drills & Skill Progression Examples

  • Straight-up skill progression examples
  • Lateral skill progression examples
  • The top blocking drills to do
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"It's one thing to watch some blocking drills on YouTube or TikTok. It's completely different to be taught in a structured program. Anj does an excellent job of breaking down the skills into digestible steps and explaining how the fundamentals layer on top of one another."


Pat Wells

Parent of 9 year old catcher

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  • 60 Short Minutes
  • 15 Actionable Lessons
  • The Top 6 Blocking Drills
  • The Perfect Blocking Position
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The Full Curriculum:

Part 1: Introduction

  • Start here! Intro to Blocking Made Simple
  • Before You Jump In: Film Yourself!

Part 2: Preparing To Block

  • Mindset - How To Think About Blocking
  • Equipment - Setting Yourself Up For Success

Part 3: Blocking The Ball

  • The Fundamental Blocking Position
  • Things To Avoid When Blocking

Part 4: From Stance to Block

  • Intro: From Stance to Block
  • A Strong Secondary Stance
  • Stance To Block: Straight-Up
  • Stance To Block: Lateral
  • Blocking From A Single Knee Stance
  • Recovery 

Part 5: Drills & Skill Progressions

  • Drill/Skill Progression: Straight-Up
  • Drill/Skill Progression: Lateral
  • Top Blocking Drills

Part 6: Closing

  • Re-film Yourself
  • So What Happens Next?


  • How To Use A Catching Journal To Speed Up Feedback Loops
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