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The Biggest Problem in Catching: MOVEMENT


2 Main Ways We Can Work Together:

7x/wk 1on1 Coaching



4 Week Fundamentals Program

This program takes one core skill and one core movement of catching at a time. And delivers incredible results. Perfect for the catcher looking to build a deep foundation.
Practice every day for 10-15 min. 

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3x/wk 1on1 Coaching 

CatchCORE Flex


4 Week Fundamentals Program

This program covers all the core skills together in a comprehensive curriculum. Perfect for older catcher's who've had training before or busy families.
Practice 3x/wk for 20 min.

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There is a small group of people who wants a more hands on experience. If you want more, you may also be interested in the Mastery Program. It's $1,000 a month. Learn more here


Stances Made Simple ($47)

You perform stances more than anything else as a catcher, yet nobody really practices them! 


A bad stance makes everything harder and a good stance makes everything easier.

So let's get you into a good stance and help you actually look like a catcher.

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Receiving Made Simple ($97)

If you can't receive, you won't advance to the next level.

But do you know how to get better at it?

Do you know what good vs bad looks like?

Can you understand what drills you need to do and how to do them?

If you buy this course, you'll understand receiving in a way where you can actually get better.

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Blocking Made Simple ($97)

If you can't block, you won't play.

But do you know what "good" blocking looks like?

Do you know how to assess where you are and what to work on next?

Do you understand the principles well enough to explain them to someone else.

If you pay attention to this course, you will.

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Throwing Made Simple ($97)

A bad pop time will cross you off a coach's list.

But most people don't know where to start when it comes to throwdowns. 

With Throwdowns Made Simple, you'll learn everything you need to diagnose your skills, identify areas for improvement, and master the drills to take your pop time to the next level.

Don't let a subpar pop time ruin your chances at a successful catching career.

Invest in our course and start improving today.

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Mobility Made Simple: How to Fix Your Stance in 4 Weeks ($27)

Most catchers can't get into a good stance because their hips are SO TIGHT!

This 4 week program will loosen up your hips so you can become comfortable in your stance.

This is the combination of the most effective strength and mobility drills I used to get mobile when I was catching.

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Mindset Made Simple: Visualize Your Success Behind the Plate ($19)

Visualize your success behind the plate with (what I believe is) the ONLY catching-specific mental performance audio.

When I played in college I'd listen to one for hitting before every game, but there weren't any for catching.

Well, that day is long gone!

Grab your mental imagery audio today and listen to it for a lifetime!

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Get ALL CMS Courses ($297)

Want lifetime access to the courses but don't want the membership? 

Grab all the courses today :) 

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Get the best of my short-form videos in order

Love my short-form videos and wish they were all in one place?

Look no further, they're organized and categorized in here. 

On top of that - get the perfect practice videos to follow along with too!

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Free Resources

Drop Your Pop Video

A bad pop time will:
-Have teams run on you
-Make you sit on the bench
-Get you crossed off coach's list

Grab this free 15-minute video to understand the three phases of a throwdown and learn how to drop your pop.

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7 Day Stance Challenge

If you have a bad stance, not only can everyone tell, but it's going to make your life a whole lot harder.

Master the fundamentals of the 5 stances so you can look and catch like a pro!

Each day for a week, you'll receive a 5-minute video teaching you 2 things:

1. How to get into the stance for that day

2. A mobility drill to help you get more comfortable in the stance

Make sure to take before and after pictures so you can see your transformation!

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Blocking Checklist

If you can't block, you won't play.

The reason you aren't blocking is probably because you're making one of the 5 common blocking mistakes.

It's not your fault - you just don't know any better!

Until now...

Download the Blocking Checklist and learn:
- The 5 most common blocking mistakes
- How to fix them

You deserve to know what a good blocking position looks like!

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Coaching Catchers - The Perfect Practice Plan

Catching is the most important position on the field but is the least coached. 

Often, that's because coaches don't know how to help them.

Because catching isn't common. 

Here's the "Perfect Practice Plan" I'd run your players through every day if I were coaching for your program. 

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