Lay A Foundation For Varsity Catching in 4 Weeks

CatchCORE Flex is a 4 week video coaching program where we build the skill you you need to play at a Varsity level. 

You won’t need any fancy equipment. You can do it all right at home!

Founding cohort starts Monday, 4/22!

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A proven plan for incredible results

Understand catching like never before

Prepare yourself for the varsity level

Why Create CatchCORE Flex?

If you've been following me for a while, you've probably heard about my signature program, CatchCORE. 

It's a daily 4 week video coaching program that transforms catchers into reliable defenders ready for Varsity. 

10 year old catching transformation. best 10 year old catching drills

But the biggest problem keeping catchers from Varsity is they don't know how to move correctly. And catching is super technical so the movement really matters.

Luckily, there's a proven plan to develop elite movements in a short amount of time that I've used with 100s of catchers from around the world. 

But, the most common things preventing people from doing CatchCORE were 3 things:

1. "I can't afford it right now"

Even though $649 is well worth it from what my clients say, it's a lot for some families.

2. "I can't practice every day"

Even though it's only 10-15 minutes a day, some families don't think they can commit to every day. 

3. "I can't wait 3 weeks to focus on blocking"

Even though focusing on what happens the most is most important, they have an immediate pain point.


I took all that feedback and created a modification of CatchCORE:

- At a lower price (less than 4 weeks of lessons)

- Where you practice 3 days a weeks (rather than every day)

- Helping you make progress on all four skills immediately (rather than one at a time)

And the first group launches on Monday, April 22.

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Who is Coach Bougie?

Yo! If you don't know me, I'm Coach Bougie. I help catchers get better quickly.

You might have seen my free catching content (@catchingmadesimple) on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.

I transitioned from a middle infielder to a catcher my junior year of college (which is really late), so I know the challenges a catcher faces when learning the position.

I was literally in your shoes! (Which is why I love working with catchers like you).

And yes, I played at Biola with Coach Rac. 

We're good friends and were in each other's weddings.

And now we get to make baseball content together đŸ’Ș

In Person -> Online

So how did I come up with this video coaching model that's helped so many catchers? 

Well, I found myself doing in person lessons with catchers and we'd make great progress in lessons...

but then they'd come back the next week and repeat the same mistakes.

Well, I love to obsess about "learning how to learn" and I thought to myself, "How do I:
- Do a little a lot
- Teach one thing at a time
- In the most effective progression?"

And so I stopped all my in person lessons and had them do a daily online program with me (it wasn't even called CatchCORE yet haha).

And the results were crazy. They got so much better. So much faster.   

Plus they liked online better than in person lessons because they could see themselves in slow-motion, see the lines I was drawing on their body, and hear my feedback.

Plus, it was only 10 minutes a day and their bodies started to develop muscle memory from the consistent practice.

11u Catcher Improves From Online Catching Lessons. Coach Bougie is in shock with how much he improves!

So I knew there was something here and I went all in on it. 

Since then, I've helped 100+ catchers go through CatchCORE and they've made crazy progress.

And on top of that, I've refined my process so much that I taught a condensed CatchCORE to two in-person clinics and saw quick results there too. 

So I got to thinking...

What if I could combine the quick results of the one time Clinic with the staying-power of the daily CatchCORE?

And that's how CatchCORE Flex was born :) 

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Your Current Plan To Get Better

If you're anything like my other clients before they started working with me, you likely fall into one of these 3 "old plans" below:

Old plan 1 (YouTube): Search YouTube for “best catching drills” and try to do some in the backyard or at practice. Get frustrated because you’re not seeing the drills translate over to the game. Try to tell them to adjust their stance and they say “I’m already doing that!” Realize you’re missing the big picture on how it all fits together and go search for more drills online. Repeat.

Old plan 2 (In Person Lessons): You spend time researching and asking around for who can do catching lessons. You find out there are no good catching coaches near you. Maybe you’re one of the lucky people who has a good catching coach near you. Then you run into 3 types people who are all at least a 30 minute drive away and all charge $60-$120 an hour:

  • Coach 1 - Used to catch in the minors - this guy caught a long time ago. You wonder if he’s up to date on the most current trends with catching or if you’re going to get “gotta want it back there” shouted as he chucks balls off your kid’s forearms.
  • Coach 2 - Current college or pro player - this guy is likely pretty good and up to date, but he’s busy and is playing consistently. It’s hard to get on the calendar with them consistently.
  • Coach 3 - Current coach or pro player - this guy is also likely a pretty good coach, but he’s always looking for the next coaching role, so he could be gone at any point.

Regardless of who you work with, you run into the same problem:

Your kid makes good progress while in person but doesn’t practice at home (or practices incorrectly). Then at the next catching lesson they repeat the same mistakes as last week.

Repeat and print out cash for this coach who does drills you saw on YouTube that you could do at home. Plus when you look at the total on the gas meter when you fill up your tank again and when you see what time you get home you end up asking yourself “is there a better way than this?”

Old plan 3 (Online Course): You grab an online course on catching (this is especially true for softball). This helps you get the information you need to get better at catching, but there’s no feedback for you personally, which leaves you asking “Am I doing this right? I think I’m missing something.” You leave the online course saying “I don’t think this online thing works. I think I’ll look for in-person lessons near me again.”

New plan (CatchCORE Flex): You realize there’s a different option, an option that hasn’t existed until now because of how the internet has changed access to information and coaching.

This option is hybrid - part online course from the best teachers in the world and part video feedback for the personalized feedback specific to you.

You realize following a proven plan for teaching catchers is the fastest way to get better. In fact, it’s helped hundreds of catchers get better already. This program created it.

You realize video feedback can be more powerful than in person lessons since we can review together what you were doing, slow it down, draw lines, and make clear recommendations the player sees with their own eyes. Plus, you see the progress you make over time which keeps you motivated.

You realize being a parent is much easier when you’re on the same side of the phone looking at video feedback from a trusted 3rd party coach rather than standing opposing your kid and arguing about what they need to do.

So you take a leap and sign up for CatchCORE and end up saying things like this:

"I actually liked the video reviews more than in person lessons since we could slow down what he was doing and visually see the progress" - Megan, Mom of 12u catcher

"My son did some camps and lessons with a local catching coach before this, but this program has been a night and day difference in our understanding of the position and results" - Sean, dad of 13u catcher

"We have a former major leaguer about 30 minutes away from us, but he was $100 an hour and my son didn't really make much progress. These 4 weeks he's made 10x the improvement he would have made at those lessons." - Brian, Dad of 10u catcher

*Side note, most of my clients are ages 8-14 years old, but CatchCORE Flex definitely caters to some older HS and even college guys who know they have movement patterns to clean up too.

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How Is CatchCORE Flex Set Up?

You'll Focus On What Happens Most

There are 4 things we do more than anything else as catchers.

It only makes sense we practice those until we get really good at those. 

Fundamentals first.

You'll Follow A Proven Plan

This 5 step plan is what I've coined "The Catching Made Simple Method"

  1. Learn to move (your biggest problem)
  2. Add a ball (and translate movements)
  3. Increase variables (aka make it harder)
  4. Sharpen decisions (block vs receive, etc)
  5. Let it eat (throw it all out and compete in the game)


You'll Make Efficient Progress 

Most coaches try to teach 5 things at once and wonder why their players don't get any better.

In CatchCORE Flex, we'll take each skill one at a time and then review what we've already covered. 

Even though receiving happens more, you can get quicker results with blocking and throwing.

Some Examples of What You Could Experience:

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What You Get When You Invest In CatchCORE Flex: 

đŸ—ș 1. Plan - The proven process that's helped 100s of catchers get better quickly

🔧 2. Drills - The right drill videos to make sure you know exactly WHAT to work on and HOW to do it

📈 3. 1:1 Video Feedback - individualized video reviews to help make sure you're working on the right thing

⛓ 4. Accountability - to make sure you do the work so you can experience the results!

đŸ‘„ 5. Weekly group calls (Recorded in case you miss it)

đŸ€Ż 6. Mind-blowing confidence - because you did the work to get better... and got better!

*Note - you will need to get a tripod for this! I have one I recommend inside the course.

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Your 3-Step Process to Rock-Solid Fundamentals:

1. Buy the program

Click the "Get The Founder's Pricing" button and check out offer. If you like it, go ahead and buy your spot :)

2. Get trained and coached

You will receive a proven plan to develop and personalized video feedback to help you improve faster than ever before.

3. Become a changed catcher

In just 4 weeks, you will be a changed catcher more ready for Varsity.

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Start seeing the progress you want TODAY!

What are you waiting for?

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Another Example of The Feedback You Get:

Remember, you get the plan to develop in an online course, then personalized feedback like this.

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How Does the Communication in CatchCORE Work?

1. Watch and record your video

Watch the video in the course for that day. Then send me 1) the video of yourself doing the drill and 2) the picture of your journal.

2. Get Personalized Feedback

You'll get daily feedback on your videos and journaling to help you learn faster.

3. See Your Game Grow

When you focus on the right things, reflect, and get good feedback, your game skyrockets!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Hear From People Who've Gone Through CatchCORE:

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