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11u Catcher Improves From Online Catching Lessons. Coach Bougie is in shock with how much he improves!

11u Catcher Improves More From Online Lessons (And Likes It Better Than In-Person!)

testimonials Oct 22, 2023

Many parents think that online training doesn’t work. They’ll say things like:

“How can you manipulate their body and coach them?”

“My kid really doesn’t do online. He’s more of an in-person kid”

Aaron and his family were skeptical at first, but now they like online training better than in person!

They took the chance on CatchCORE and Aaron is now in a wildly different place with his catching because of it.

Discovering Online Catching Lesson Through His Sister On Instagram

Aaron and his family found Coach Bougie and Catching Made Simple on Instagram, thanks to his sister who plays softball.

Although the family was initially unsure because there was no face-to-face interaction, they found they liked online coaching even better because of the ability to review his play through video.

The Big Challenges Aaron Was Facing As An 11u Catcher

Before beginning CatchCORE, Aaron grappled with challenges that many young catchers face. He struggled with catching the ball correctly, leading to a thumb injury that left him in pain and questioning his techniques. Despite the setback, Aaron's passion for the game remained unwavering.

Online vs. In-Person Catching Lessons: 4 Unforeseen Benefits

There were a few main things they liked better than in-person training.

1. Visual Learning: Seeing is Believing

Video analysis allows for the video and a trusted coach to correct Aaron, rather than his mom :).

This helped to reduce the “Mom, no I’m not” conversations and allowed for them to collaborate together instead.

2. Feedback That Makes a Difference

Online coaching provided consistent communication and personalized feedback, allowing Aaron to understand and fix his mistakes, particularly in complex movements like blocking.

3. Blending Practice with Daily Life (And Creating Family Memories)

The convenience of online lessons allowed the family to integrate practice sessions seamlessly into their daily routines. These flexible, yet effective lessons ranged from brief five-minute drills to more extensive 15-minute practices.

This was cut out of the video, but something they said was really, really cool: It turned into a family connection event.

The whole family would gather around the table to watch the video review, watch the lesson for the day, and then go practice in the backyard.

4. A Visible Transformation

Because everything was recoded, Aaron's transformation was very visible.

They can all see the difference in how athletic and strong he looks, with lots of video evidence to prove it!

How You Can Benefit From Online Catching Lessons Too

Aaron’s story goes beyond showcasing his dedication; it shows the transformative possibilities of online sports coaching.

In the digital age, it’s now possible to improve faster from virtual coaching when you have the work ethic and right feedback.

Inspired by Aaron's journey? It might be time for you to go on a similar one. Learn more about CatchCORE here.

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