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What's After CatchCORE? The Ultimate Catching Program

catching coach courses video analysis Jan 18, 2024

At Catching Made Simple, we understand the importance of developing strong catching skills.

That's why we created CatchCORE, a revolutionary program designed to help catchers master fundamental movements and lay the foundation for future skill development.

But what comes next after completing CatchCORE?

In this article, we'll explore the next steps in the Catching Made Simple program and how they can take your catching skills to the next level.

Understanding CatchCORE

Before we dive into what's next, let's quickly recap what CatchCORE is all about.

CatchCORE focuses on mastering the fundamental movements that are essential for catchers.

Through a series of progressive teaching, practice, and personalized video feedback on your catching, CatchCORE helps catchers develop proper movement patterns, improve their stances, and enhance their overall catching abilities.

The program is suitable for catchers of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced players

The Benefits of CatchCORE

CatchCORE provides numerous benefits to catchers who complete the program. By mastering fundamental movements, catchers can drastically improve their catching ability in the CORE 4 areas of catching: Stances, Receiving, Blocking, and Throwing.

CatchCORE also helps catchers develop proper catching techniques, such as receiving pitches, blocking balls in the dirt, and throwing out baserunners.

By focusing on one skill per week, catchers can dedicate time and effort to perfecting each movement, ensuring a solid foundation for future growth.

The Problem of Regression

One common issue that catchers face after completing CatchCORE is the risk of regression.

Catchers may experience a decline in their skills if they do not continue to practice and reinforce what they have learned.

Consistency is key in any sport, and catching is no exception.

To maintain and improve their catching abilities, catchers must commit to regular practice and continued skill development.

Introducing CatchPRO

To address the problem of regression, Catching Made Simple offers CatchPRO, the next program in the Catching Made Simple series.

CatchPRO is designed to build upon the foundation established in CatchCORE and translate fundamental skills into game situations.

The program focuses on getting game ready, helping catchers translate the movement they worked on into real-game scenarios at game speeds.

CatchPRO introduces more advanced techniques and challenges, allowing catchers to further elevate their game.

Sustainability and Progression

CatchPRO takes a sustainable approach to skill development. Recognizing the importance of regular practice, CatchPRO reduces the frequency of videos to three per week.

This allows catchers to allocate more time for practice and ensure they can maintain their skills over the long term.

CatchPRO also incorporates cumulative reviews, gradually increasing the difficulty of drills and exercises to challenge catchers and promote continuous improvement.


Mastering the Nuances with CatchCRAFT

Once catchers have completed CatchPRO, they can move on to the final program in the Catching Made Simple series: CatchCRAFT.

CatchCRAFT is all about nailing the nuances of catching.

It dives deeper into the intricacies of the position, teaching catchers advanced skills such as handling bunt plays, executing tag plays, making pitch calls, and managing the game effectively.

CatchCRAFT is designed to refine catchers' skills and elevate their performance to an elite level.

The Benefits of the Entire Program

By participating in the Catching Made Simple program, catchers gain a comprehensive understanding of catching and develop well-rounded skills.

They acquire the foundation of fundamental movements through CatchCORE, apply those skills in game situations with CatchPRO, and master the nuances of catching through CatchCRAFT.

The program provides catchers with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to excel in their position.

Your Next Steps To Become A Dangerous Catcher

As a catcher, continuous skill development is crucial for long-term success.

Catching Made Simple's program offers a structured pathway for catchers to elevate their game and reach their full potential.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your skills, Catching Made Simple has the resources and coaching programs to help you along your journey.

Don't let your progress stall after completing CatchCORE; take the next step and unlock your true catching potential.

You can sign up for CatchCORE today, or listen to testimonials from other catchers who’ve gone through it.

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