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How to Get Better at Catching (3 Simple Steps)

catching coach Jan 26, 2024

Catching is the hardest position on the field. And getting better yourself (or coaching someone to get better) can feel daunting, especially if you haven’t done it before.

If you’re new here, my name is Coach Bougie and I’m the founder of Catching Made Simple. I transitioned from infield to catcher my Junior year of college and learned how to coach the position really well because of that.

Now, we help you get better at catching through a remote catching program that’s helped hundreds of other catchers like you from all around the world.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a simple 3 step framework for development behind the dish. In fact, it’s the outline for the remote coaching program, CatchCORE. Let’s jump in.

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Step 1: Master Your Movements

The biggest problem most catchers have is they don’t know how to move.

And this is no fault of their own, they just haven't been trained properly on how to move effectively as a catcher.

And on top of that, it’s really hard to find someone who can articulate how to move in a way you can understand at a price you can afford.

But don't worry, your movement is a simple fix.

All you need is the right plan, the right feedback, and a daily practice habit. You can see tremendous improvement in just 4 weeks.

Master your movements first to set you up with a firm foundation.

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Step 2: Get Game Ready

Once you have mastered your movements, the next problem catchers will have is transferring those movements into a game.

They might be able to block with correct form and receive the low pitch back to the zone when the ball is not thrown hard…

But does the movement hold up as the pitcher throws harder? As the batter swings? As you’re keeping an eye on the runner on first to see if he steals?

This is where the movements break down.

And rightfully so.

You gotta do more reps to translate those movements into the game.

There’s nothing wrong with you when you can do it right in practice but not in the game.

This is just this stage of the journey.

It can be frustrating at times, but this is the path you need to walk down.

One thing I realized when I was in this phase “the shortcut is going the long way once.”

The only way out of this phase is pure violence of reps, continuing to be relentless on your movement as you make drills a bit harder.

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Step 3: Nail the Nuances

Now you know how to move and you are translating those movements into the game. What’s the next problem to solve?

All the nuances of catching.

There’s so many things you need to know how to do as a catcher.

This includes bunt plays, tag plays, catcher pop-ups, and 1st and 3rd defense - just to name a few.

Pay attention to the small details and practice these specific skills to elevate your catching game.

Your Next Step To Growing Your Game

You came wondering how to get better at catching.

Now you know the three steps you need to follow to become a better catcher:

  1. Master Your Movements
  2. Get Game Ready
  3. Nail The Nuances

If you want help improving your catching skills, you might be interested in my coaching program.

There was nothing like this when I played, so I decided I’d make the best catching program the world has ever seen.

It’s a whole remote video coaching program specifically designed around the three steps we talked about above.

Over 80 catchers from around the world have gone through this program and loved it.

It’s only 4 weeks long and takes just 10-15 minutes of practice per day.

You don’t need any fancy equipment. You don’t need to drive to a facility either. You can do it right at home.

If you’re ready to lock down your starting spot and get ready for the upcoming season, check out CatchCORE and book a call with me.

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