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catcher is scared of the ball, but becomes happy and confident with online catching lessons with coach bougie

From Scared Of The Ball To Happy And Confident Behind The Plate

testimonials Oct 28, 2023

Catching can be a scary position when you’re in a weird squat, balls are hurled at you, and batters swing a long metal stick next to your face!

Nicolino experienced some of those fears and this is his story about overcoming those fears with hard work, the right plan, and personalized feedback.

My name is Coach Bougie and I’m the founder of Catching Made Simple, where I’ve helped thousands of catchers get into a good stance and many catchers like Nicolino learn the fundamentals of catching through 1:1 video coaching.

Get ready to hear his story and see the transformation he had!

Before CatchCORE: Identifying the Challenges

Caroline first learned about Catching Made Simple through Nicolino's coach, who recommended the instagram page as a valuable resource for learning catching techniques.

Prior to starting the program, Nicolino faced several challenges as a catcher.

He struggled being afraid of getting hit by the bat (which is very common for young catchers) and lacked confidence in his stances and blocking abilities.

Additionally, he had difficulty determining the appropriate actions to take during different game situations.

Beginning The Online Catching Lessons Journey

Getting Started: Practice and Video Analysis

Caroline took an active role in Nicolino's development as a catcher, ensuring he watched the program's instructional videos and started practicing before she arrived home from work.

The CatchCORE program provided clear guidance on various aspects of catching, including throwing, stances, blocking techniques, and receiving skills.

Nicolino's practice sessions were recorded, allowing for self-assessment and feedback.

Tailored Guidance and Progress

With regular practice and personalized video analysis, Nicolino began to see improvements in his catching skills within the first week.

His stances became more solid, and he gained confidence in his ability to block effectively by the end of the 3rd week.

The personalized video reviews addressed Nicolino's specific challenges, such as his tendency to dodge his head when the ball was thrown to him.

Through targeted instruction and repetition, Nicolino learned to position his glove correctly and overcome his fear of the ball.

Supportive Parental Involvement

Caroline's involvement in Nicolino's catching journey was instrumental.

She provided support by recording his practice sessions and ensuring he stayed motivated.

Caroline emphasized that the program's time commitment struck a perfect balance, as Nicolino had the freedom to practice as often and as long as he wanted.

This allowed him to gradually and consistently build his skills without feeling overwhelmed.

After: Transforming Nicolino's Catching Skills

Overall Improvement

After four weeks of dedicated practice, video analysis, and feedback from the Catching Made Simple program, Nicolino's catching skills underwent a remarkable transformation.

His stances became more stable, his throwing technique improved, and he developed better receiving skills.

Nicolino's confidence grew significantly, especially when facing batters, as he learned to read the ball more effectively.

Testimonial: Nicolino's Perspective

Nicolino describes his experience with Coach Bougie as "really fun" and highlights how it helped him gain confidence in the presence of batters.

The program enabled him to develop a deeper understanding of the game and enhanced his overall catching abilities.

Nicolino's enthusiasm and enjoyment reflect the positive impact that Catching Made Simple had on his catching journey.

Testimonial: Caroline's Perspective

From Caroline's perspective as a parent, CatchCORE provided a structured and accessible approach to improving Nicolino's catching skills.

She emphasizes that the program's guidance on recording practice sessions and offering specific techniques for improvement made it easy for her to help as a parent.

Caroline appreciates that the program allowed Nicolino to practice at his own pace while providing the necessary support and resources.

How You Can Grow As A Catcher Too

Nicolino's journey with CatchCORE showcases the transformative power of targeted training and consistent practice.

Through the program's instruction, Nicolino overcame his initial challenges, developed essential catching skills, and gained confidence on the field.

The combination of instructional videos, practice sessions, and personalized feedback allowed Nicolino to thrive as a catcher.

Catching Made Simple not only provided Nicolino with the tools to improve his catching skills but also made the learning process enjoyable and rewarding for both Nicolino and his family.

If you or your child are interested in enhancing your catching skills, consider embarking on a similar journey with CatchCORE.

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